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Summer School 2018

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During fall school, campus Malta:

Theoretical Foundation and Research (course module F)

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Thursday November 1 - Saturday November 10

Expressive Arts Global Health Trauma Recovery

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Thursday November 1 - Saturday November 10

Continuing Education

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Especially for professionals: add to your expertise an exciting new twist.

During fall school, campus Malta:
Trauma Recovery: Expressive Arts in Transition
Thursday November 1 - Saturday November 10

Spring Symposium

Join the International Expressive Arts Spring Symposium 2019 (23/04/2019 to 28/04/2019) in Wexford, Ireland! 

The theme of the next Spring Symposium is: Song of the Sea - Longing for Belonging.

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Introduction courses / performance projects

Interested to participate in the tanzwerkstatt –augsburg, Germany?

The next performance project starts February 1 2019


New! Articles by EGS faculty member Maria de Graça Santos are now available on the AHS website, click here

Read "Hope for Poiesis: An Interview with Stephen K. Levine, by Paolo Knill", from July 2018.

Module auf Deutsch in Intermedialer Kunsttherapie

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New AHS video!

Lucia Cardenas, an AHS alumnus, made this beautiful film as part of her MA Thesis at the Division of Arts, Health and Society at EGS. It features AHS students and faculty speaking about inspiration and the expressive arts.

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Nature-Based expressive arts therapy

New book by Sally Atkins and Melia Snyder

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