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Advanced Post Graduate Studies (CAGS)

Advanced Post Graduate Studies (CAGS)

The Qualifying Phase of the Doctoral Program in Expressive Arts is also called the CAGS (Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study). The CAGS extends over two summer residencies at the EGS campus in Saas-Fee, Switzerland and includes the Intensive Master Courses IMC-1 (first year) and IMC-2 (second year), complemented by four field projects which should be completed under the guidance of a faculty advisor during the time between the two Summer Schools. The two summer modules IMC-1 and IMC-2 are offered in an intensive format by Paolo J. Knill, founding president of EGS and one of the pioneers in the field of Expressive Arts, and by Stephen K. Levine, Dean of the Doctoral Program in Expressive Arts, together with other master teachers who have made important contributions to the development of Intermodal Expressive Arts in Therapy, Coaching, Education and Conflict-Transformation and Peacebuilding.

There are three options for participation in the CAGS Program:

  • towards a certificate as an Expressive Arts Trainer CAGS
  • towards a qualification for the Ph.D. Program in Expressive Arts, for which the CAGS certificate is a prerequisite
  • as a Continuing Education Project

For the CAGS certificate, all seminars of the modules IMC-1 and IMC-2 must be taken and passed with a satisfactory evaluation, and all four field projects must be completed. As a Continuing Education project, the two summer modules IMC-1 and IMC-2 (without field projects) can be taken as a package with a special tuition rate.

At the end of the first session of the CAGS program, students meet with a faculty advisor of their choice. After completing the CAGS, students may go on to take the Qualifying Examination, consisting of an essay written in consultation with their advisor. Once the Qualifying Examination is passed, the student goes on to the Candidacy Phase of the Doctoral Program and may write their Dissertation Proposal and choose their Dissertation Committee, in consultation with their advisor. 

This is the handbook for the Doctoral program of the Arts, Health and Society Division of EGS - CAGS and further stages:

Tuition and Fees

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