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Reading Our Lives
The Poetics of Growing Old

Against the background of Socrates' insight that the unexamined life is not worth living, Reading Our Lives investigates the often overlooked inside dimensions of aging. Despite popular portrayals of mid and later life as entailing inevitable decline, this book looks at ageing as, potentially, a process of poeisis: a creative endevour of fashioning meaning from the ever-accumulating texts - memories and reflections - that constitute our inner worlds. At its centre is the conviction that although we are constantly reading our lives to some degree anyway, doing so in a mindful manner is critical to our development in the second half of life. Drawing on research in numerous disciplines - including cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and the psychology of ageing - this book presents a vision of aging that promises to accommodate such time-honoured concepts as wisdom and spirituality; one that understands aging as a matter not merely of getting old but of consciously growing old.

2008: William Lowell Randall, A. Elizabeth McKim

Oxford University Press

ISBN: 978-0-19-530687-3

Hardcover, eBook


The Expressive Body in Life, Art, and Therapy
Working with Movement, Metaphor and Meaning

Drawing on her extensive experience in expressive arts therapy, Daria Halprin presents a unique approach to healing through movement and art. She describes the body as the container of one's entire life experience and movement as a language that expresses and reveals our deepest struggles and creative potentials. Interweaving artistic and psychological processes, she offers a philosophy and methodology that invites the reader to consider the transformational capacity of the arts. In this essential resource for anyone interested in the integration of psychotherapy and the arts, Halprin also presents case studies and a selection of exercises that she has evolved over her career and practised at the Tamalpa Institute for over twenty-five years.

2008: Daria Halprin

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 978-1-84310-737-8

Paperback, eBook