European Graduate School EGS


The European Graduate School EGS is an University with two Divisions:

Founded in 1994, EGS provides  in its campus in Saas-Fee – high up in the Swiss Alps - continuing education for practicing professionals on a Graduate and Post-Graduate level. Its uniquely dynamic academic setting allows a creative encounter with the foremost representatives and thinkers in Expressive Arts (Coaching, Consulting, Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding, Education, and Therapy) and in Media and Communication (Architecture, Art, Contemporary Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Film, Literary Theory, Literature, Media Studies, Performance Art, Photography, and Video).

 The European Graduate School (EGS) is a private University accredited by the State of Valais, Switzerland. EGS is governed by a non-profit foundation EGSF (European Graduate School Foundation), co-founded by the State of Wallis, the University's residence town of Saas-Fee and the EGIS (European Foundation of Interdisciplinary Studies) in Zurich.

The Arts, Health and Society Division offers graduate and postgraduate degrees and certificates:

The Media and Communication Division offers graduate and postgraduate degrees in:

  • Master in Media and Communication
  • Ph.D. in Media and Communication

Both programs facilitate creative breakthroughs and theoretical paradigm shifts, and bring together its Master and Doctoral students with the visionaries and philosophers of the media world.

The Application and Admission process at the European Graduate School EGS is stringent and personal. We consider only fiercely independent and mature students who work well within an intensive residency program located in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. Our students choose their own emphasis and area of concentration when they select their Masters and Doctoral / Ph.D. thesis projects.

Our students, a true international mix, are outstanding graduates as well as actors, architects, artists, authors, college instructors, computer programmers, critics, directors, editors, filmmakers, graphic designers, journalists, musicians, NGO activists and managers, philosophers, photographers, psychologists, social workers, teachers, theatre directors, web designers, and writers.

The language of instruction in the Master's and Ph.D.-programs is English, though Theses can, in principle, also be written in German, French or Spanish.

Financial Aid is available for students of high promise from various sources, including US Federal Student Loans for students residing in the USA.