The European Graduate School
EST. 1994

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Financial Aid

The different kinds of financial aid a student is able to receive during their studies at EGS are outlined below.

The distribution of financial aid depends on available funds.

1. Deferred Payment-Plan for tuition and fees

Students have to send a written request to the EGS office in Leuk, when registering for Summer School. The request must also indicate the amount and the dates when the installments are to be paid.

The Deferred Payment-Plan has to conform to the following schedule:

  1. First installment upon registration: has to cover 50% of the tuition
  2. Upon check-in in Saas-Fee, the remaining payment for tuition can be divided in two installments payable at the latest by December 31st of the academic year the student is registered for Summer School.

Exception to this plan are only possible if the Cooperating University, the College ort he contracted Module Provider, if any, guarantees payments in case the balance is in default. However there cannot be more than four installments, the latest by December 31st of the academic year. If the installments are paid by Credit Card, the expenses according to the Credit Card Centers in Switzerland are CHF 50.-- per installment. These expenses will be charged for each installment that is being paid by Credit Card. Therefore we suggest strongly that students make monthly payments to the Credit Card Center and not through EGS.

2. Workstudy for Summer School at EGS

The EGS is looking for student support during the two Summer School sessions. EGS offers a Workstudy Program designed for students able to demonstrate financial need who are willing to take on responsibility for certain tasks during their Summer School session. This program offers financial compensation appropriate to the specific task demands. Students interested in participating in the EGS Workstudy Program are required to have a confirmed registration for one of the two Summer School sessions.

Applications must include the following information:

  • declaration of financial need
  • interest and competence in one or more of the Workstudy fields
  • confirmation of registration
  • letter of recommendation from a EGS Dean,student advisor or EGS Faculty member
  • contact address including Email

All Workstudy Students are required to attend the 1:30 - 3:30 pm Set-up Meeting on the day before Session begins and to remain until all duties are successfully completed. Please note: Workstudy Students Lounge and Shopping are required to attend the 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Meeting. If you cannot attend this meeting or cannot stay until your duties are completed, please do not apply for a Workstudy position.

Application deadline is April 30th. All Workstudy positions are on a first come first-served basis available.

Applications should be sent by postal mail, email or fax directly to the EGS office of the European Graduate School.

3. Matching Scholarship Program

The European Graduate School has a Matching Scholarship Program. Students can apply for a scholarship wherein they actively participate in raising money, which will be matched to a determined limit by the European Graduate School. The idea of the program is that the student solicits funds from sources other than bank or scholarship associations. The sources can include family (excluding same household), friends, community associations, etc.

In order to apply for a Matching Scholarship please fill out the application form and send it by postal mail, Email or fax along with the appropriate documentation directly to the EGS office of the European Graduate School.

Please note: You cannot apply for a Matching Scholarship if you receive a US Federal oder Canadian Student Loan.

4. US Federal Student Loans for Students residing in the USA

The AHS Division is now participating in the U.S. Direct Loan Program. You may be eligible for a loan if you are a U.S. citizen, a U.S. national or a permanent resident of the United States.

You must also have already been admitted to one of the Masters or Doctoral Programs of AHS.

For further information please read and print out the Financial Aid Manual:

5. Canadian student loans

For Canadian cititzens, permanent residents and designated as protected persons, it is possible to obtain loans for the full cost oft attendance. Students from Canada who want to apply for a Canadian loan have full time status and study all residencies on Campus Saas Fee.

You must also have already been admitted to one of the Masters or Doctoral Programs of AHS.

Notice when applying that the AHS programs are full time programs. For details of your eligibility please visit