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Lectures summer school 2020

Peter Wanzenried 

Lecture Link 35:40

Wes Chester

Are We Reconciled to Celebrate our Resilience?

Lecture Link 54:57

Jacques Stitelmann lecture 2020

Lecture Link 1:20:13

2018. Kit Jenkins

Film Links

The Truth Is 5:29

Little Brother 1:54

For Anne *1:54

Tempered by Fire 3:59

Piece of Mind 2:34

I Dont Need U *3:51

Dear Mom *3:31

Make it Out *4:54

They Said 1:16

City of Sin 3:24

Film Links

Three Seconds 2:30

GhostBOSters  2:20

There is Usually an Upside 2:06

The Skin I am In 5:50

Mujeres Fuerte   2:20

Keen:  Well of Dreams 2:57

Letter to a Girl 5:00

Is Home Really A Home 3:09

The lonely Baker 3:54

Paper Airplanes 3:30

Dusk 2:46

RAW:  Home 6:44

In A Word


2016. José Miguel Calderon

Lecture by José Miguel Calderon on the encounter between the Peruvian Imaginary and the Expressive Arts, EGS Summer School 2016, Saas-Fee.

2015. Ellen G. Levine

In this lecture, Dr. Ellen G. Levine, author of the book, Play and Art in Child Psychotherapy: An Expressive Arts Therapy Approach, presents the theoretical and practical foundations which underlie the book.