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AHS Research Overview 2018

Create Mind Space - Insight into art-based learning in mathematics at secondary level one

As a teacher, the author is committed to teach mathematics, which promotes independent thinking. It is about a learning culture, which focuses on the own thinking processes and the development of the personality. It is a plea for an art-analogous attitude and questions the constant criticism as a learning method. It is based on a postmodern understanding of education. Knowledge is seen as a versatile reality, not as God-given truth. The references to the model of multiple intelligences and to resonance pedagogy are interesting. It is not about a totally new teaching method, but an enrichment of the previous variety of methods.

2018: Ph.D. Dissertation (English)
cum laude

Advisor: Peter Wanzenried

Student: Denise Steinacher

Keywords: education, art-based research. action-research, grounded theory, constructivism, teaching, learning theory, resonance, multiple intelligences